New journey, new challenge

Time flies. With the fragrances which are scattered by the bright yellow flowers that are in full bloom, I have had the graduation ceremony in this gorgeous campus.

My Junior High School didn't end up with a perfect ending, which is considered as a big regret for the three years studying.
I didn't go to Xiaoshi Senior High school like many students in NFLS did. On the contrary, I go to the NFLS AP center which is considered as a bad school in which students laze away.
I hope my choice will be right in the future. And I do think so.
In order to realize my dream of the university, I listed the following rules/goals:

TODO Plans for High School

  • [ ] Never bring cellphones to the AP center.
  • [ ] Get 110+ out of 120 in TOEFL test before the winter vacation of G10.
  • [ ] List todo list every day. And reach it.
  • [ ] Close three rings every day.
  • [ ] Write contents which are * meaningful and beautiful*.
  • [ ] Take notes on every subject.
  • [ ] Read 10 books per year.
  • [ ] Run for 300 kilometers per year.

(To be continued)